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Thread: [SOLVED] Web Client/Desktop data mismatch

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    Default [SOLVED] Web Client/Desktop data mismatch

    I need help coming up with a method to update my Zimbra server with the local data in my Zimbra Desktop install. I had some issues with my VM and in the process of trouble shooting I lost about a months worth of emails and documents that are in my Zimbra Desktop, that do not show up in the Web Client. According to what I read in the Zimbra Desktop FAQ, Zimbra Desktop always syncs with the server for Zimbra style accounts. This does not appear to be the case for me. There is data in my desktop, that is not in my server. How do I update the server with the local data?

    Synchronizing Data on Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop FAQ - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Are all my data in YZD always in sync with my data in mailboxes on remote servers?

    For Zimbra accounts, virtually 100% of data is synchronized with the server, including user preferences.
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