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Thread: [SOLVED] samba/posix accounts ghosted after upgrade?

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    Default [SOLVED] samba/posix accounts ghosted after upgrade?

    I'm looking for help from somebody who has already deployed the samba/zimbra ldap integration.

    We were happily using 5.013 on RHEL 64 (Centos) when we upgraded to 5.018.

    Since the upgrade, we no longer "see" our active users in the zimbra admin console. Yet their email still works.

    I have "put back" those config files that were overwritten w/ the upgrade (that I know of)
    . samba.schema (nis.schema remained in the upgrade directory)
    . redeployed the correctly modified zimbra_posixaccount and zimbra_samba zimlets
    . re-edited the file as before

    restarted server.

    Solved 071809. Did not correctly have all attributes set in

    Email users still can work (log on, send, receive, etc). But they are not listed in the global address list, nor are they appearing in the zimbra admin console at all. Thus, they appear "ghosted" to me somehow.

    Any clues?
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