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Thread: zmstat . convertd . pid not running

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    Default zmstat . convertd . pid not running

    Several times in the past couple of weeks I have noticed that zmstats is not fully functioning. I discovered that is not running. I was able to invoke it by using zmstat start. Is there any reason for this to keep occurring? The forums seemed pretty void of the zmstat process. TIA


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    Anything in /opt/zimbra/log/convertd.log.{date} ?

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    Nothing looked like it caused any issues, here are some of the messages from a couple of the logs.

    Since it is running now I will keep an eye on it and check the logs for the corresponding day the next time it occurs.

    [Mon Jul 13 13:54:37 2009] [info] mod_convert: init html=/opt/zimbra/keyview/ExportSDK/bin htmlcfg=/opt/zimbra/keyview/ExportSDK/ini/nofrills.ini text=/opt/zimbra/keyview/FilterSDK/bin tmp=/tmp/convert
    [Mon Jul 13 13:54:37 2009] [notice] Apache/2.2.8 (Unix) configured -- resuming normal operations
    [Sat Jul 18 10:20:19 2009] [info] mod_convert: clean dir=/opt/zimbra/convertd/convert
    [Sat Jul 18 10:20:19 2009] [info] mod_convert: clean dir=/tmp/convert
    [Sat Jul 18 10:20:19 2009] [info] mod_convert: post= i=299 o=292 fmt=t ms=9

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    Default I am seeing this multiple times in a week now

    Same thing as original poster. Our monitoring software shows that "zmstat-convertd" is not running.

    The /opt/zimbra/log/convertd.log.{date} logs you mentioned to look at seem a bit strange too since our monitoring software shows that this process stopped at about 6:40am and the convertd.log.2009-08-10 log STOPS at Aug 10 15:27:27 2009 and the convertd.log.2009-08-11 log STARTS at 09:38:39 this morning and is actively being updated (new entries being appended to it) yet there is no zmstat-convertd running.

    As the zimbra user, simply running "zmstatctl start" is a quick band-aid, but surely not the fix.

    $ zmcontrol -v
    Release 5.0.18_GA_3011.UBUNTU8_64 UBUNTU8_64 NETWORK edition

    I'd really like some help on this since this is a new Zimbra server being deployed and going LIVE to replaced a client's FirstClass server next week.

    Thanks for any ideas on this.

    Bill Arlofski
    Reverse Polarity, LLC

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