Good afternoon all. I've downloaded and installed Zimbra 5.0.18 running on CentOS 5.3, and I absolutely love it. What I'm trying to accomplish is this:

We are relocating our Exchange 2003 infrastructure (clustered back-end and a front end server) to Hong Kong from the Seattle area. It's going to take 2 to 3 weeks to bring it back online, so in the meantime, I need to queue the mail, and allow users to still work with their email.

What I've figured out so far. I have figured out how to import users via CSV, using CSVDE from Active Directory to easily populate my users on Zimbra. This will retain user's Active Directory passwords, which I'm really pleased with. And the ajax web interface simply rocks.

So what do I need to know is, how to map users to users once the Exchange server is back online, so I can merge the mail from Zimbra to Exchange? Would this require relaying to the Exchange server? I was also thinking about paying for a POP3 connector that allows for "many to many" user mapping, if that's the solution. It's the end of the day and I'm at a loss here.