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Thread: [SOLVED] Multiple Aliases?

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    Default [SOLVED] Multiple Aliases?

    I wished to create an account:

    Whereby this account is used for a project purposes. All the mail comes in to this mailbox is regarding the project's details.

    In a project, there are many members:
    .. and so on....

    Any mail sent to will liase to all the members. This can easily achieve by using the distribution list.

    But in my case, what I want is, whenever say received an email from, user01 need to reply to the sender using instead of

    So I found out that, you can add persona to modify the 'from' field and send to the recipient. But in order to have different account name, you need to put this user under the aliases of the account you want. Beside, each aliases account can only be used by one account at a time.

    How can I achieve this? or this is impossible?

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    You can set any number of 'Persona' on a user mailbox, you'll also need to set the Admin UI option to allow 'Sending mail from any address'.


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    Yea, you are damn right. I just got it. Thank you.

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