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Thread: [data is stale] when login admin console

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    Default [data is stale] when login admin console

    Dear All,

    sometimes when login 7071 admin console, the each components for server status will have a statement : data is stale in the end.

    Could someone confirm whether it's caused by browser cache ?
    and that statement (data is stall) will disappear just after several Refresh?

    Is this correct? Thanks.
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    Default While login Zimbra Admin Console (Data is Stale)


    I got the same issue and fixed it and many thans to dijichi2.

    I have installed ZCS 7.2.0. Open Source Edition recently and got Data is Stale info at all services in the Admin Console. As dijichi2 said, I just checked the Date, Time, and Timezone and was completely wrong and then change it correctly.

    After the date,time, and timezone correction, I just logged in and got the similar info (Data is Stale info at all services) and vanished after few refresh. Just logout and login and there was no such info (Data is Stale info at all services) and there is no such info (Data is Stale).


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