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I have been a Zimbra admin for a handful of years & feel like I know it fairly well, and I have installed a number of certificates (thawte, geotrust, caCert, etc), but this situation is new to me.

We have the following files here:

(all the above files on the mail server were generated using openSSL by hand)

And processed through GeoTrust. Now we need to install this in to Zimbra. I have read a dozen threads herein but I have not yet come across a thread that talks about doing this. I hope I am missing it & someone can point me at an URL with the steps & I'll be done in 10 minutes.

However, if not, I am hoping that someone can lend me a hand, please, thank you, on how to go about installing this certificate in to Zimbra without using the keystore as the source of the original CSR.

I would need to some how get the request in to the store & then get the cert' in to the store afterward (since we did not create the request from the keystore).

Thanks so much. Much appreciated.