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Thread: [SOLVED] Advanced Search Results

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    Default [SOLVED] Advanced Search Results

    Is there a limitation set on the number of results returned by the Advanced search facility in the Web Client?

    I am using FOSS version 5.0.16 and when I choose "date" in advanced search, it defaults to before todays date. I am expecting to see a list of everything in my mailbox but I only see a very small set.

    Any ideas?

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    Have you tried pressing the right arrow next the email count on the right hand side of the screen ?

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    Default keep trying and it just might work

    Yeah. Did that. The strange thing was it only showed 1 - 21 and pressing the arrow gave me a blank page!

    Anyway, went home, tried again this morning and now it is showing 1 - 50 (as I expected) and the subsequent pages weren't blank

    Perhaps it was telling me to give it a rest!

    Thanks any way, sorry for the unnecessary post.
    Paul Gallimore

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