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Thread: Slow zimbra questions

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    Unhappy Slow zimbra questions

    Hi All,

    I was wondering if you could tell me why my zimbra seems to be sooo slow? I have currently setup 2 dev zimbra servers one as an active mailstore and one as standby which does not have a MX record in DNS yet. I also have them querying another zimbra ldap server. I have no accounts loaded yet.

    The servers are virtual machines with dual core 2.8 cpus and over 4 gig of memory. the servers attach to a netapp filer for storage and everything seems to be behaving normally except zimbra. I also have a alot of other vm's accesssing the filer in the same way and they are very fast!

    When i perform a zmcontrol start it takes about 3 minutes to finish executing. The actual load on cpu continues to jump up and down from 10% - 80% every couple of seconds. Memory is no where near at maximum capacity.

    I am concerned since zimbra is supposed to offer good redundancy but i cant see how this could be possible if it takes over 3 minutes to have the standby server take over.

    Even when i call basic commands such as zmcontrol status it has a delay of about 5 seconds.

    Does anyone have any suggestions. I read that somewhere that this behavior is normal but surely not?????

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    Which operating system are you using for Zimbra? How much RAM does the VM have? Which virtualisation product are you using?


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    Hi Bill,

    I am currently using Centos 5.3 (64-bit) with 4GB of RAM and im using VMWare esx server 3.5.0
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