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Thread: Multiple forwarders per address or multiple aliases?

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    Default Multiple forwarders per address or multiple aliases?

    What I am trying to do:

    I want to have my admin@ account forward to a number of people and not actually store any email. It also has a number of aliases (noc@, root@, postmaster@). But I cannot figure out how to create multiple forwarders per account.

    So I created admin as a distribution list to add the people to receive the email sent to admin@. Problem is I cannot find where to set aliases for a ditribution list (or if it is even possible). So I would need to create a distribution list for every alias also and add the forwarding users to it...

    Is there a way to either add an alias to a distribution list or have multiple forwarders per account?

    EDIT: I just realized I can add distribution lists to other distribution lists. Which is kind of like having an alias for one list I guess... Though it's not very easy to add many 'aliases' at once.
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