After migrating and porting mails to zimbra one of the accounts is missing a lot of mails from the old server. An error when using imapsync must have gone unobserved. The license for the old server is expired, so I retrieved the mails from the backup (.eml files). In the preference tab I'd noticed that you could import an account as a tgz file. I prepared a tgz file with the directory structure intact and uploaded the file with only "mail" checked. After hitting the "Import" button I went home for dinner - thinking that maybe I should have tried with a little less than a 1.2 GB archive.... Anyway, zimbra has processed the archive and the directory structure is present in the folder I selected for import. The directory displays all the mails as unread - but when i select a folder, the index come up empty. Tried to reindex with no success. Snooping around in the message store, the messages seems to be there.

Any ideas? what to look for?