Tried to move a huge mailbox (>20GB) from one mailserver to another in the same domain.

zmmailboxmove -a -t

Had to leave for a while, but when I came back I'd been logged out of the system(the one time I don't use screen!). I logged back in and tried the same command again, but got the error:

Error occurred: mailbox in maintenance mode: 570

I went into the web console as zadmin, went to brak's mailbox, and changed the dropdown box from Maintenance to Active. Then I tried moving the mailbox in the gui from zimbra1 to zimbra2 and got this error:

Error code: mail.MAINTENANCE Message: mailbox in maintenance mode: 570 Details:soap:Receiver

How do I get this mailbox unstuck? I assume the mailbox is still intact on zimbra1, but what about brak's mail in the meantime?