Is it possible to restore account data to an existing account using only the incremental backup (say when needing an email accidentally deleted today and restoring it from last night's incremental), or to restore only the incremental data after restoring data from a full backup (i.e., restore the full backup of an account and then go through and just restore the incremental backup(s) remaining for the account)?

Is it possible to restore accounts from one zimbra server to another zimbra server running the same zimbra version?

Is it possible to create a full backup, restore the accounts to a new box, then take down service and run an incremental backup of the accounts, restoring them to a new box and turning the mail service on for those accounts on the new server?

I'm asking because my test run restore of accounts took something like 12 hours to run, and I need for these users to not be without email for 12+hours.

Any help appreciated!