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Thread: zmmailboxmove, finding mailboxes to purge

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    Default zmmailboxmove, finding mailboxes to purge

    Hey all,

    I've got a two server environment and am using zmmailboxmove to split accounts across the two servers. This works fine, kudos!

    My question: how do I identify mailboxes that can be purged?

    I move account A from server1 to server2.
    User A verifies account is working correctly on server2 two weeks later.

    How do I figure out account A on server1 is still there and ready to purge?

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    Default re: zmmailboxmove, finding mailboxes to purge

    Were you ever able to solve this? I was in a similar situation but at least I had the list of moved users left, so I was able to just:
    cat /tmp/delete.txt | xargs -I {} zmmailboxmove -a {} -s -po

    Though it would be very nice to see a listing.

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