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    Default Backup Question

    We want to know more detail of the Zimbra backup as below, anyone know it, Thanks.

    1. Backs up the global system data including system tables and the local config.xml file. (according Zimbra admin guide Full Backup Process)

    What is the system table & local config.xml? would I restore it independent & separate? if yes, what command for perform it?

    2. Iterates through each account to be backed up and backs up the LDAP entries for those accounts. (according Zimbra admin guide Full Backup Process)

    What component included in this LDAP backup? When I restore it, is a whole LDAP restore? would I restore it independent & separate for users?

    3. Places the account’s mailbox in maintenance mode to temporarily block mail delivery and user access to that mailbox.

    Backs up the mailbox.
    -Creates MySQL dump for all data related to that mailbox.
    -Backs up the message directory for that mailbox.
    -Creates a backup of the index directory for that mailbox.
    -Returns that account’s mailbox to active mode and moves on to the next one.
    -Backs up the LDAP directory.

    Returns that account’s mailbox to active mode and moves on to the next one.

    Backs up the LDAP directory. (according Zimbra admin guide Full Backup Process)

    Is a single command for perform this backup? if yes, what command to do that? Would I independent or separate to do that?

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    do you know how to backup and restore the LDAP and MYSQL server?
    Please help me with it.

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    If you search the Zimbra Wiki and Zimbra Blog you will find the answer

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