Well, there's a little more to it than that. The only spamassassin rule that fired was Bayes, and it hit the maximum score of 3.5. So if you want your system to be be configured so that it would have auto-junked this message, you either need to reduce your tagging threshold to a level, increase the score assigned to BAYES_99, or find other characteristics of the message which are indicators of spam and can be used to add to the score.

If you're the only one who receives mail on the system, then reducing the tagging threshhold is reasonably safe and easy to do through the Admin GUI. I wouldn't reduce it to 18% (which is what you'd need) on a system you share with others, though.

Increasing the score for Bayes_99 may be a good option. Search the forum & wiki for info on tweaking SpamAssassin scores.

Creating new rules or activating inactive rules might be best but you're probably best off discussing this on the spamassassin mailing list.