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    Default Sending but not receiving

    I just configured my 2nd Zimbra server (different companies). To test I am sending emails between local accounts on the server. It appears as though the emails are being sent but they never arrive in the mail boxes of the users.

    I tried setting up a bogus domain and emailing to it which it complains that there is no user. Once I alias a real user to that domain, it allows me to send the email message. This proves that the server is checking and receiving email for the domain.

    Here is the zimbra.log output when I send an email:

    2006-05-30 16:03:23,917 INFO [http-80-Processor97] [mid=4;ip=;;nam;] FileBlobStore - Stored size=315 wrote=315 path=/opt/zimbra/store/incoming/1149018514474-3.msg vol=1 digest=SsYZi1dQWXNwA9LjXMCXw0uD4V4=

    2006-05-30 16:03:23,918 INFO [http-80-Processor97] [mid=4;ip=;;nam;] FileBlobStore - Renamed id=257 mbox=4 oldpath=/opt/zimbra/store/incoming/1149018514474-3.msg newpath=/opt/zimbra/store/0/4/msg/0/257-2.msg

    2006-05-30 16:03:23,947 INFO [http-80-Processor97] [mid=4;ip=;;nam;] mailbox - Added message id=257 digest=SsYZi1dQWXNwA9LjXMCXw0uD4V4= mailbox=4 rcpt=:API:

    The mail is appearing in the Sent box but nothing arrives in the Inbox. I checked the store/ directory and only the Sent copy is there.

    I checked the Server Queue and it is empty.

    Sending to an outside domain works.

    All services appear to be running: zmcontrol status
    antispam Running
    antivirus Running
    ldap Running
    logger Running
    mailbox Running
    mta Running
    snmp Running
    spell Running

    Any suggestions?

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