Hi everyone,

I am using ZCS OS 5.0.16 and am having some odd problems with the address book...

1) When a contact group is created, the entries seem to be static. Meaning, if I add someone to the contact group and then later change their email address, the contact group's email address for that person is not updated. It would seem to me that the contact group should contain a list of people and the details about those people (ie email address) should be a dynamic link to the actual record for the contact within the address book. Am I missing something here or is this a huge oversight within the contact group functionality? Is there a fix to this?

2) When composing a message, if I address it to a contact group, all of the members of that group are populated into the "To" field for the email. The problem is that many of the entries are duplicated and in somewhat of a random order. Some are not duplicated, others are. It makes no sense. If I look at the address book directly and the contact group within the address book, there are no duplicates and the listings are all in alphabetical order. Very odd behavior when composing a message though. Has anyone else seen this behavior? Anyone know of any fixes?

If anyone has seen these oddities as well, or knows of any work arounds, any help would be appreciated.

Thanks to you all in advance,