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Thread: zimbra install - help!!!

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    Default zimbra install - help!!!

    hello again

    I installed zcs on my server machine, and everything works fine.

    but, a problem appeared.

    it seems that I can't install zimbra enywhere else other than pc machine on which dns server is installed.

    here's a situation:

    there's a "test net" with 10 PCs.

    on one machine dhcp, dns and zcs are installed.

    dhcp manages ip addresses from address space

    dns manages domain "ict2009"

    zcs also works fine.

    the thing is that I would like to remove zimbra from that machine, and install it on another pc, which is dns client.

    a message that appears during zcs installation, says:

    dns error resolving mx for ict2009

    how to make mx records for a pc that is not a dns server?

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    That is because you are using a split DNS setup. Why not just install a DNS server somewhere and point all your machines at it ? You can host as many domains as you like then.

    We would be grateful if you were to stop duplicate posting aswell!

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