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Thread: [SOLVED] How modify in-store email blobs?

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    Default [SOLVED] How modify in-store email blobs?


    I have encountered a rather interesting situation, where after migrating ~130GB of data to ZCS 5.0.18 on RHEL 5.3 I have discovered that Outlook really does not like the fact that the email messages have mixed CRLFs. E.g. the message headers are correctly terminated, but message bodies use just LFs. The Zimbra Webmail, Thunderbird and legacy Squirrel all work happily with this inconsistency, but outlook just assumes that the entire message contains CRLFs and happily goes on to misparse it.

    Since I would really hate to reinject all that data again, I figured that doing the following:
    - bring ZCS down
    - run a sed script over mailstore
    - rebuild metadata (really just blobsize/checksum/quota info)
    would fix the issue rather easily without having to do a whole lot of processing.

    Obviously, I can do the first two items but I have not figured out how to do the final step. Detecting which blobs are affected is easy either by saving their names while running sed, or by zmblobchk.

    What I am missing is a way to fix up the metadata. Any idea how to do that?


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    Default The solution

    The attached python script fixes the corruption. The final sql update part may not work, but you can fixup the database quite easily with the logs provided.
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