I'm on a Debian 4.0 serveur and I just upgraded from zcs-5.0.10 to zcs-5.0.18.

I have two main problems.

First, in the admin page, when ever I try to install a new self signed certificat and I try to update the cert information, I get the following error message :

Server error encountered

Message: system failure: exception executing command: zmcertmgr createcsr self -new "/C=CA/ST=QC/L=MTL/O=CCDMD/OU=TI/CN=courriel.ccdmd.qc.ca"
-subjectAltNames "courriel.ccdmd.qc.ca" with {RemoteManager: courriel.ccdmd.qc.ca->zimbra@courriel.ccdmd.qc.ca:36220}
Error code: service.FAILURE Method: ...
Unfortunatly, I'm unable to get more of the message because it is impossible to increase the size of the error window. Where can I look to get more of it?


In the admin page, in Server Statistics, the graphs images are showing but there is no graph.

Can someone help me with these?