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Thread: Login with for 2nd MTA

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    Default Login with for 2nd MTA

    So a little background. We added a second MTA with mailboxes for another location. We've been using AD authentication on our main server for 8 months now and users have only had to login using their username that's found in Zimbra and AD. One the secondary server that's been installed if you want to login to it, you have to use

    Has anyone else had this problem with their "alternate" server?

    Would it be that we have 2 domains? Maybe I configured the setup of the second server wrong?
    OS : Ubuntu 6.02 LTS
    ZCS : zcs-NETWORK-6.0.8_GA_2661.UBUNTU6

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    Quote Originally Posted by hodd View Post
    Would it be that we have 2 domains?
    What your noticing is that the single domain specified in zimbraDefaultDomainName doesn't need to type for login.

    If you have two domains what you can do is set a virtual host so by visiting they'd just type the username part.
    zmprov md zimbraVirtualHostname
    (Where points to when resolved via DNS both internally and externally.)

    Also, the server uses zimbraPublicServiceHostname to generate REST URLs, ie: briefcase, document, calendar sharing etc.

    Say it's generating URL's like http:// and you'd rather have it http://
    zmprov md zimbraPublicServiceHostname
    In 5.0.9+ REST URL's can now be composed of 3 attributes: zimbraPublicService[Protocol + Hostname + Port] to avoid dependency on zimbraServer objects.

    To minimize browser warnings on SSL connections, use either a different cert per mailstore, subjectAltNames, or wildcards: Administration Console and CLI Certificate Tools - Zimbra :: Wiki

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