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    Question Max Mailbox Sizes

    I have been reading a few threads and have been working with Zimbra for over a year now. I am about to implement a Zimbra NE server and they want to keep all mail as possible. Currently there are a few 6-9GB mailboxes in Exchange. Some of those users have a few 2GB PST's that would like to be imported. I plan to use the old mail management of the NE version to offload old mail onto cheap storage. The future looks like they will have 20GB+ mailboxes over the course of a few years.

    Has anyone hit a point where the mailbox size has created an issue like it would in Exchange/Outlook? Outlook still seems to craw if the OST/PST is over 2GB even in Exchange/Outlook 2007.

    If you have large mailboxes, please post up some examples and if they cause any issues.

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    Unclear if you plan to continue using Outlook. If you do, Outlook 2007sp2 significantly improves handling of large psts (which is what zdbs are). sp2 requires zco 5.0.18 or the hotfix.

    We have a few dozen accounts in the 6-9gb range, but most are using imap or web. No problem on the server side.

    As an alternative to HSM, consider this: Create a new primary volume with compression enabled, and make it active only when uploading psts. Pluses: No contention for spindles between reading production mail and writing saved psts. Don't need to copy all that mail, as millions of small files, from primary to hsm. I just turned on hsm for the first time, and coping 1tb took a week. Minuses: Some new incoming mail will land on the pseudo-hsm volume.

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    Most will keep Outlook for sure. Thanks for your post. Anyone else with large mailbox users?

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