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Thread: sending mail to root with a sub-domain

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    Default sending mail to root with a sub-domain

    -I have 3 zimbra servers:,, and is a proxy.
    -emails are of the form:
    -We also have a pair of sendmail servers that can forward user's mail to the zimbra servers.

    Right now I have cronjobs that send mail to root, which ends up as This is getting forwarded to one of the sendmail servers, which promptly sends it back to, which promptly sends it back to the sendmail server...etc, until I get "too many hops".
    -I tried creating an alias in zimbra such that email for would go to, but it gives me a "no such domain" error.
    -I tried looking up how to change the outgoing sender email address, but /opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/ is pointing at an ldap config file for sender_canonical_maps, so I'm not sure what goes on beyond that.
    -both zimbra2.sub and zimbra3.sub have the same issues. knows right away that it's supposed to send mail to, and delivers the mail locally.
    -I have to live with the sendmail servers, and most of the time it's not an issue.

    How can I get mail originally sent to root to end up in the mailbox on the mail zimbra server?


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    Crap. I just stumbled on this myself, and after working on it for a couple hours, I still don't know the answer.

    My situation is that I have an internal network (, and mail getting sent from cron jobs gets addressed to the machine (

    I've tried editing /etc/aliases (and running `newaliases') to point root at "", but I guess Zimbra postfix doesn't look at it. (There aren't any other alias files, so I guess that Zimbra keeps track of it all in LDAP.) So when I send mail to root, it immediately gets sent out to my main relay, which drops it as an invalid domain (which it is).

    If I could just find a way to get the Zimbra server to know that it's the destination for, I think I'd be fine. But I can't find the right setting to fool with in order to test that theory.
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    I got it sorted out for my particular example. Maybe this will help someone else. I drew on previous Postfix experience and searched for "zimbra mydestination" and found this:

    I added to my postfix myDesitinations by:

    zmprov ms zimbraMtaMyDestination 'localhost'

    What I discovered was that my Zimbra server started paying attention to my local /etc/aliases file. (Remember to update /etc/aliases.db with "/opt/zimbra/postfix-".) So now mail for "" gets delivered locally after passing through the aliases... root -> local user and local user ->

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