I have added Samba attribues to Zimbra and can create a new user just fine but I am unable to update existing users so that they will have the Samba attributes. I can add a samba/posix group and added the domain to Samba so they are in the drop down but when I go to save I get,
LDAP: error code 65 - attribute 'sambaSID' not allowed

It looks like some other people have had this problem but I haven't been able to find a resolution on the forums.

I am running zimbra v5.0.16 on RHEL 4.7. I read there might have been some problems with this in early versions of Zimbra but from what I've read it has been fixed. Currently I am not doing full samba integration just the attributes into LDAP so I can use freeRadius for authentication.

I only have two small things to get my system fully functional, updating existing users with Samba attributes and then to sync user-password and sambaNTPassword which should be able to be done with zimbrSambaPassword.

Any ideas/help are greatly appreciated. zmprov and everythign was run. Is this just a matter of explicitly giving permission to sambaSID in slapd.conf?