The current install is a 3.1.1 open source install on fairly clean Debian 3.1 setup.

When I did the original install on this box I had to move zimbra after I installed it because I don't have enough disk space in root for it(it was a existing server in production at my hosting provider so I can't repartition it). I moved /opt/zimbra to /home/zimbra and then did "ln -s /home/zimbra /opt/zimbra" and Zimbra has run great.

When I ran the install script it bombed out when it couldn't find any of the previous files which I suspect happened because it erased the sym link and created a new directory at /opt/zimbra. Lucky I had back it all up first and could restore from my back. I know this is exactly a standard setup but I think it shouldn't be too hard to change the install script to work with the sym link. With Zimbra in production now I can't move it back to /opt because of the lack of disk space.