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Thread: Incoming message notification works from Zimbra, fails from external

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    Default Incoming message notification works from Zimbra, fails from external


    We have a need for Zimbra to send a notification to a defined email address whenever a particular Zimbra mail account receives a new message. We have enabled this behavior as follows:

    zmprov ma myMailAccount zimbraPrefNewMailNotificationAddress

    This works correctly when I send mail to this account from my own Zimbra mail account, generating an entry in mailbox.log of the following form:

    2009-08-19 11:20:37,453 INFO  [LmtpServer-123483] [;mid=4387;] mailop - Adding Message: id=600, Mess
    age-ID=<>, parentId=-1, folderId=2, folderName=Inbox.
    2009-08-19 11:20:37,491 INFO  [LmtpServer-123483] [;mid=4387;] mailbox - notification sent dest='dfl' rcpt='' mid=600
    However, the notification is not sent if the relevant account receives a message from a non-Zimbra source (in this case, a fax server converting incoming faxes to emails and sending them along). The mailbox.log output for such a message follows:

    2009-08-19 11:22:07,843 INFO  [LmtpServer-123485] [;mid=4387;] mailop - Adding Message: id=601, Mess
    age-ID=<>, parentId=-1, folderId=2, folderName=Inbox.
    2009-08-19 11:22:07,901 INFO  [LmtpServer-123485] [;mid=4387;] mailbox - notification not sent (prec
    edence bulk) mid=601 rcpt='' dest=''
    Can anyone help me understand the difference? Obviously Zimbra is not sending the notification, and says why: 'notification not sent (precedence bulk)' - but I don't understand what this error message means and have not been able to find an answer on the forums or elsewhere on the web.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Have you already solved it?

    Check your mail header,
    Precedence: bulk

    It doesn't notify that the header exists on our system(ZCS4.5.x).

    I'm reading RFC2076,RFC3834.


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