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Thread: Splitting mailbox and logger

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    Default Splitting mailbox and logger

    Hi guys!

    Perhaps this one could be interesting for others too, I'm posting here instead asking the support:

    As the zmlogger-database keeps grwoing and filling up precious diskspace, I'd like to run zmlogger on another machine in another datacenter.

    First of all: would it be possible to integrate zmlogger from the OpenSource-version to the Network Edition master? How much traffic will go over the wire? Is it encrypted?

    So many questions...
    Best regards,


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    I'd not recommend missing Network and OSS components. You'll run into issues at upgrade time if there is a version mismatch like that. The data is not encrypted and you'd need to open you MySQL logger DB ports. So it's best to keep it behind the same firewall. Technically it will work but just not recommended to split it across the WAN. We do recommend for larger installs that you move components to multiple machines. This is the easiest and cheapest way to scale Zimbra.
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