On a cluster installad on rhel 5.3 an zcs 5.0.15, everithing works well
but sometime on logrotate (4.0.3 AM) the logger service stops, in the log file
I see
err: Service status change: myserver logger changed from running to stopped

Then the cluster services stop with te following error

clurgmgrd: [4665]: <err> script:zimbra: status of /opt/zimbra-cluster/bin/zmcluctl failed (returned 1)

In the /opt/zimbra-cluster/bin/zmcluctl I see that if it found a service stopped it returns 1, and this is is my case, and the cluster service goes down: clurgmgrd[4665]: <notice> Stopping service service:zstore.

why it doesn't try to restart or relocate the cluster service ? I readed a lot of posts about logger but none applies to my installation, the logger server doesn't stop on a regular basis.

Thank you