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Thread: Ports for Proxy Server?

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    Default Ports for Proxy Server?

    We have been running internally for a while and I am now trying to setup a client (thunderbird) for external access via Zimbra proxy.

    Our setup is as follows:

    Zimbra Proxy (proxy package and SNMP)
    Mail Server (all except proxy package)
    Zimbra 5.0.16 FOSS

    We have successfully tested external access via webmail but cannot seem to connect for IMAPS.

    There is a firewall inplace allow port 993 through.

    The proxy imap ports are:

    IMAP Port: 7143
    IMAP SSL Port: 7993
    IMAP Proxy Port: 143
    IMAP SSL Proxy Port 993

    The IMAP Port settings on the mail server are:

    IMAP Port: 143
    IMAP SSL Port: 993

    This doesn't look quite right to me. Are these values correct? Should I be letting port 7993 through the firewall or 993?

    Paul Gallimore

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    Port settings should be as follows:

    zmprov -l ms zimbraPop3BindPort 110 zimbraPop3SSLBindPort 995 zimbraPop3ProxyBindPort 7110 zimbraPop3SSLProxyBindPort 7995 zimbraImapBindPort 143 zimbraImapSSLBindPort 993 zimbraImapProxyBindPort 7143 zimbraImapSSLProxyBindPort 7993
    You can run that command (all on one line) and the proxy ports are (obviously) the 7xxx ports and should be allowed through your firewall.


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    OK. Tried that even though ports seemed to be set ok. Resulted in proxy refusing to start and I therefore reinstalled it.

    Firewall is open on 7993.

    Cannot connect from any client although wemail is working fine.

    Could someone confirm the required settings for, say, Outlook Express? I just need to prove a connection and then start troubleshooting connections with the various clients being used by users.

    Paul Gallimore

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    Some further info:

    I have been able to connect to the mta server directly using IMAP (i.e. not going through the proxy) on the internal network.

    I am unable to connect via the proxy using the internal network (no firewall in place).

    How can I test/trace the IMAP connection is working between proxy and mta server?
    Paul Gallimore

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