Last Friday we experienced that more than one had booked the same resource. The resource is a room and two different arrangements were planned to be there at the same time. Actually the resource was not double booked. The person who had booked the busy room did not notice the "decline" mail and the experience was that the resource was double booked as everything went well in the Zimbra web client. Checking up this is done for different resource more than once in the future. This caused a lot of checking up and replanning...

Now, the secretaries asks for Zimbra not to show a resource when it's busy - and a way to disable selecting a busy resource at all - and/or a rejection (pop up or something) if in some way you tries to book a busy resource from Zimbra web client.

I've looked around and found some issues about double-booking bugs. But not anything as our experience here. It may be intended to work this way for some reason. Can I do anything in Zimbra? I haven't found anything and I tries to figure out what to answer people around me. Can anyone help me here?

Our resources are set to auto accept-appointment unless busy. We have used Zimbra for a little more than a year now - and before we had SunOne calendar and as I understand you could not select a busy resource (I'm not

Something similar here, though

Regards Henrik