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Thread: Restoring mail folder without restarting services

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    Default Restoring mail folder without restarting services

    Hi. I tried to restore a mail folder by restoring the lost folder in the mysql table mail_item.

    In the client browser, the folder is shown only after restarting the zimbra services (zmcontrol stop & start).

    Re-indexing the mailbox with the administrator GUI don't solve this problem.

    Is there a way to restore a mail folder without restarting Zimbra ?

    Thanks for your answer.

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    Do give some details of Zimbra version and what exactly (and why) you're trying to do? Have you searched the forums and/or wiki for details of backup/restore scripts for the OSS version (if that's what you're using) of Zimbra?


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    We wish to be able to restore some objects for a user who have deleted them, like a mail, a folder, a tag, ... without stoping zimbra service for all users.

    It is OK for all objects, except folders.

    Zimbra release is 5.0.10_GA_2609.

    Thank you.

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