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Thread: problems running on debian

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    Unhappy problems running on debian

    I've gone ahead and built zimbra from the sources and installed it on my kubuntu/debian system. Unfortunately it's not working and I don't know nearly enough to understand why. The installation appeared to finish ok except that the user zimbra wasn't known to the system. After adding the user and group zimbra and changing all of the files and directories under /opt/zimbra to be owned by zimbra, the servers still won't start up. Running

    su - zimbra -c bin/zmcontrol startup

    produces the output:

    Calling startup (localhost.localdomain)

    perl bin/zmmon &

    but then calling

    su - zimbra -c bin/zmcontrol status

    produces only

    Calling GetServiceInfoRequest (localhost.localdomain)

    Any ideas on what to do next?


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    Are the underlying items running? MySQL? slapd (OpenLdap)?

    Anything in /opt/zimbra/log/zimbra.log?

    In general if you didn't recompile the dependant programs locally you'll probally run into many path issues.

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    I've made *some* progress. First, I installed the mysql and slapd packages. Second (eventually) I rebooted since there was already a process holding port 7777 (the soap server port). Now I get messages in /var/log/zimbra.log (not /opt/zimbra/log/zimbra.log btw). zimbra.log now contains:

    Oct 8 23:23:18 localhost postfix/master[8173]: daemon started -- version 2.2.4,
    configuration /etc/postfix
    Oct 8 23:24:44 localhost zimbramon[8946]: 8946:info: Starting services
    Oct 8 23:24:48 localhost zimbramon[8946]: 8946:info: STARTING services
    Oct 8 23:24:48 localhost zimbramon[8946]: 8946:info: Doing startup
    Oct 8 23:24:48 localhost zimbramon[9018]: 9018:info: Zimbra Monitor startup: 90
    Oct 8 23:24:49 localhost zimbramon[9018]: 9018:info: Process 27552 not found -
    removing /opt/zimbra/zimbramon/FIFO/
    Oct 8 23:24:49 localhost zimbramon[9032]: 9032:info: Status monitor startup
    Oct 8 23:24:49 localhost zimbramon[9033]: 9033:info: Creating soap server on po
    rt 7777

    However, when I do a zmcontrol status all I get is:

    Calling GetServiceInfoRequest (localhost.localdomain)

    RESPONSE: (Zimbra::Mon::serviceInfo)
    name localhost.localdomain

    If I wasn't clear before I did build from the sources but I hadn't done anything with the mysql or slapd pieces. They have now been installed from the ubuntu repositories...

    Thanks for the help so far. Anything else you can suggest I do to get it further?


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    Default database initialization

    Have you initialized the ldap and mysql databases? It doesn't look like we're detecting any services to run on this host.

    If you have initialized them, did you create the server object in ldap (zmprov is your friend).

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