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Thread: remove received headers from authenticated SMTP

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    Default remove received headers from authenticated SMTP

    First, thanks for the great software! I played with it 3 years ago... and finally had the time to replace my postfix/courier-imap cowboy'ed system.

    I have a situation that I need help with. I think giving RDNS_NONE a significant value is probably wrong. I was about to do this, but it even blocked my own users (with bad ISPs) from sending out. These are AUTHENTICATED smtp sessions. Because I think OTHER servers (I'd never do that!) probably look at RDNS_NON and RDNS_DYNAMIC, I'd like to rewrite the first received header -- or remove it actually -- just on authenticated smtp.

    Is this a good idea? Ideas on how to do it? Just for authenticated smtp?

    Thanks for any help.

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    I'll reply to my own message. (sorry) This looks good:
    The FreeBSD Diary -- Obscuring smtp auth headers

    Any comments on this being a good / bad idea? Thanks.

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