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Thread: [SOLVED] Re-importing data exported by fbackup

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    Default [SOLVED] Re-importing data exported by fbackup

    Exported/archived a bunch of mail about 8 months ago using the Seacom fbackup Zimlet. Problem is, I cannot find a solution for working with these .eml files. Tried working with them in Thunderbird, and while I can open any single file, there's nothing available to import them enmasse into the program which makes searching a real nuisance. I don't necessarily need to get them back into Zimbra, I just want to work with them a bit, pick out a few that I need and be done with it. Any ideas on working with them? I thought about looking for a utility that would create an .mbox file for use with t-bird. Any ideas?

    Solution: Drag and Drop all files into Outlook Express Inbox
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