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Thread: External authentification within a local network

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    Default External authentification within a local network


    I read lot of threads, but didn't find a solution to my problem.. excuse me if I didn't match the good one.

    I have a Zimbra (Open Source Edition) v. 3.1.1 running on a SuSE Linux 10.1 server. All is good and works fine.
    In order to make some experimentations, I would like to test external auth and external GAL from an eDirectory LDAP running on a Netware 6.5 server.
    But this server is located in a local network (where the Zimbra server is also located) and is not accessible via the Internet. It's only possible to access it with an IP adress like 192.168..

    My question is : is it possible to use external authentification and GAL with this kind of configuration ? Because in the external auth configuration process, the LDAP search base must be provided like '(dc=server,dc=com)', and in a local network, no domain is defined.

    Thank you to the person wich can answer this !


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    As long as DNS provides the IP for your test server it should work.
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    Ok Kevin, thank you ! I will try to make it work.


    Edit : for information, I succeeded to use an external eDirectory LDAP to authentifiate users, within a local network, it works fine.

    (the eDirectory LDAP runs on a Netware 6.5 server, this server has no IP relayed by DNS, and is only accessible from inside the network)
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