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    Hi All

    I'm currently evaluating Zimbra to go into a small company (20ish users) as an alternative to exchange.

    So far I'm happy enough with its performance and features and haven't found any reason not to deploy it yet.

    I have been testing spam, av and attachment blocking today have have come across a number of problems / questions. I've had a quick look through the forum but haven't been able to find any specific answers to my questions and hope you guys can help

    1. Does Zimbra support scanning inside of compressed attachments? Looking at this Bug 30889; Add within-archive extension blocking it would seem it should, however my initial testing today does not seem to match this. Send an exe file, it is bounced, send the same exe in a zip and it passes through to the user. Should this be working or is there additional configuration on my part needed?

    2. How can i configure notifications to be sent to the sender / recipient / admin that a blocked attachment has been sent to them? My initial testing seems to indicate that the recipient isn't notified that a message has been blocked. Also, out of the three tests i tried only once was the sender notified that the email had been blocked.

    3. How does zimbra quarantine blocked attachments / virus emails. If so, how does the admin then release them? I've looked around and have found bug reports that go back to 2006, but can't seem to find any definitive answer on how to deal with this.

    4. Is it possible to set a standard footer to be displayed on on sent emails. In addition to this, can we is it possible to indicate that an email has been scanned and passed on the footer too?

    5. How are do most users deal with spam / av and zimbra deployments? Do you run with just the zimbra box or do you run something in front of it that gives better control and reporting? Cost is an issue for this site, but these three points will be important to them. I'm possibly thinking of putting a mailscanner / spamtitan / similar box in front of the zimbra box to handle this. Does anyone else run a similar setup / any issues to consider?

    Many thanks
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