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Thread: Domain Alias and sender address

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    Default Domain Alias and sender address

    I am close to my migration to zimbra (from courier-MTA suite). at the moment, we are using Thunderbird as our mail client. All users can receive email to multiple domains : and for example. will be my default domain and will be a Domain Alias.

    We would like to move from thunderbird to the zimbra web client. Is there a way to choose as the sender domain ? If so can it be done from the admin console ? This is very easily done in thunderbird, but I cannot find a way to set the sender domain adresse to the Domain Alias.

    Why I want that ? The company will change this name and domain shortly. I will setup zimbra domain for the new one (so no need to change zimbra default domain later) BUT before the change the old domain must be the default.


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    You can do what you need in the User Preferences/Accounts tab, look for the Persona option - you may need to set the 'Allow sending from any address' in the Admin UI.


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