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Thread: [SOLVED] Russian symbol and 1,6 MB message

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    Arrow [SOLVED] Russian symbol and 1,6 MB message

    Sorry for my English.
    I have 2 servers of ZCS.
    The only problem with receiving mail through POP3.

    If the message is less than 1.6 MB, receiving mail is normally

    If the message is more than 1.6 MB, the message is cut off on the symbol of the Russian language "ja":

    IMAP and web work normally. Problem only pop3.
    What are the data provide?

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    VZhiK84 Guest


    I have multiple mail servers, work on different systems, but the problem only servers with Zimbra.

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    VZhiK84 Guest


    Just a suggestion ...

    In the cp1251 code for the letter "ja" 255. If compiling char was the sign, get -1, which is interpreted as EOF - end of file.

    Presumably, in Zimbra realize 2 strategies: with a small amount (up to 1,6 MB) letter is processed entirely in memory without the participation of file operations, and in excess of this threshold is written / read into a temporary text file. Having reading "ja", it is -1, it is EOF, believes that the file is finished and no longer read its sequel.

    If so, how to increase the size of letters being processed without files?

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    VZhiK84 Guest


    Thanks for help

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