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Thread: remove message by zmmailbox command?

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    Default remove message by zmmailbox command?

    Dear All,

    i've learned from the forum we can remove the specific msg-id message from user's mailbox by "zmmailbox", but i have no idea what's the format for "msg-id" ?

    for instance, the message ID below is found in one of my message :

    Message-ID: <>
    then, i run the command like this:
    zmmailbox -z -m account@my.domain dm
    it returns :
    ERROR: service.INVALID_REQUEST (invalid request: malformed item ID:
    however, i copy the same string for "zmmsgtrace -i" , it did return something for the mail route.

    could someone enlighten me on this?


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    if it helps
    i also tried the same thing, & it gives me the same message.
    i am running the same v5.0.18 OSS, 32 bit on RHELv5

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