Hi All,

I have installed zimbra Release 5.0.5_GA_2201.RHEL5_20080417012110 RHEL5 FOSS edition and this functional for quite sometime now.
Recently we have also installed egroupware in a different server. I am planning to have a centralized authentication instead of multiple auth. egroupware also supports other LDAP auth servers. egroupware requires the following parameters to be configured. how do I get these information on the already installed zimbra.
1. LDAP host:
2. LDAP accounts context:
3. LDAP search filter for accounts, default: "(uid=%user)", %domain=eGW-domain:
4. LDAP groups context:
5. LDAP rootdn (searching accounts and changing passwords):
6. LDAP root password:
7. LDAP encryption type:
8.LDAP Default shell (e.g. /bin/bash):

help appreciated.