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Thread: LDAP authentication?

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    Default LDAP authentication?

    I am attempting to integrate zimbra into our intranet enviroment. I have created several users and they can log on and send/recieve email via both the webclient and external sources via the smtp interface. I am now trying to use zimbra to validate users for my php web app. I can successfully connect to the ldap server, but once i try to bind it fails. I can run ldapsearch -x and dump the entire ldap database. Any idea how to debug this conneciton via php? A brief example of what I am trying to do is here...

    $auth_user="uid=dummyuser,,dc=com "

    if ($connect = ldap_connect($ldap_server))
    echo "connected<br>";
    ldap_set_option($connect,LDAP_OPT_PROTOCOL_VERSION ,3);
    $binder = ldap_bind($connect, $auth_user, $auth_pass);

    ldap_bind returns an error
    Warning: ldap_bind(): Unable to bind to server: Unknown error .

    Just need a few pointers on how to debug this problem. Thanks!

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    $auth_user="uid=dummyuser,,dc=com "
    Looks like an error in your domain component.

    Try changing to:


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