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Thread: zmcontrol hangs

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    Default zmcontrol hangs

    I have zimbra 3.1 installed on a FC4 server. This morning, we shut down the server briefly. After we restarted the server, we can't get the zimbra services to start. When I issue the zmcontrol command, the server just sits there (i.e. no messages, etc.) Eventually (5-10 minutes later), I get messages about swap space. Nothing changed, and the server was working fine just before the shutdown.

    I'm stumped...

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    What information is in the logs? Why did you shutdown the server? Was there an upgrade performed on this server?


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    Can you post your messages about the swap space? There is quite possibly insufficient system resources to operate the services you are attempting to start.

    Have you installed any additional software prior to reboot?

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    Well, I got it started, but I don't understand why it wouldn't start to begin with. Usually, when working with this server, I ssh in and run the zmcontrol start from a ssh session. Today, I was in the server room and tried to start zimbra from the console. That's when it wouldn't start. In order to send the log contents, I decided to ssh because the client I use has a cut & paste capability. When I ssh'ed into the server, just for the fun of it, I tried another zmcontrol start and BOOM - it started. Users are retrieving and sending email - life is good again.

    Anyone have any ideas about why zimbra won't start from the console but will start from ssh?

    To answer the earlier questions - nothing on the server changed. We took the server down to move some things around in the server room (we actually didn't move the zimbra server - we shut it down so we didn't have to worry about accidentally unplugging the power, etc.)

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