Can anyone shed any light on this problem? Customer sent us an email with a word attachment which we didn't receive. She sent it several more times with the same result. Eventually sent it to one of our staff's hotmail acount where it duly arrived. We amended the word document and sent it back to the customer from zimbra (5.0.18) web client and she received it. As an experiment we then sent the attachment from the staff members hotmail account to the staff member's zimbra account - the mail didn't arrive. Then sent it internally (i.e. zimbra to zimbra) and it did deliver. The attachment is a pretty standard word doc about 5mb with photos included so I don't think it's being blocked by size.

This is not the first time that customers have claimed they have sent us word docs that we did not receive although we regularly do receive such attachments from other senders. Seems to be a random occurence.

Any ideas? Our OS is sles10 with zimbra NE 5.0.18