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Thread: how to purge those mailbox not in memory?

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    Default how to purge those mailbox not in memory?

    Dear All,

    According to : Mailbox Purge - Zimbra :: Wiki , ZCS will not purge mailboxes which are not in memory to avoid I/O .

    but my problem is :
    lots of users(students) here don't use their mail accounts, and policy is that COS for message lifetime is set to 0. thus some of them are already full and it causes lots of queues in system and , of course, the disk space problem.

    i'm writing a script to set zimbraMailMessageLifetime to something like "60d" ONLY for these account. it's done but problem is that since these mailboxes is not in memory , they will never get to be purged.....

    Or, what command/actions will bring such mailboxes into memory so that it can be purged by zimbraMailMessageLifetime config?

    any advice?

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    If you are worried for the messages getting queued due to over quota then you can set zimbraLmtpPermanentFailureWhenOverQuota to TRUE

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