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Thread: Admin UI is slow on certain features

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    Default Admin UI is slow on certain features

    Just like the title says. The admin UI "hangs" on certain features. At times throughout the day, adding a user can become more of a hassle than a feature. Trying to fill the fields in such as first name and last name and password hang terribly. The delay is probably 10 seconds. Other features, such as changing the COS or clicking around on any other features seem to work ok.

    Another major problem is adding users to a distribution list. This has become a grueling task to do because while selecting multiple users there is also a 10 second delay. I read up on previous posts and some people recommended changing the default COS. I have tried this with no luck. Another user said verifying their DNS and hostname records, I have also verified this and to my best knowledge seems fine.

    -P4 processor, 3 gigs of ram, Ubuntu 8.0.14 LTS server edition, ZCS 5.0.18
    -The disk has been set up for RAID 1
    -only have 50 users, still in test phase with only 3-7 users on at a time throughout the day
    -htop shows the processor is not being maxed out when these "hangs" occur, and the ram usage never seems to be bogged down
    -doing a "free -m" command however shows:
    total used free shared buffers cached
    Mem: 3034 2929 105 0 115 1997
    which concerns me.

    *Forgot to add, this is an internal only mail server. It is strictly used for inter department mailing so there is simply not gateway configure on the interface. There is also no routers or firewalls blocking or restricting access from the server.

    Thanks for the help, sorry if I left anything out. All the users have not experience any hang, it basically seems like something with just the admin UI
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    I found another thread:

    That user stated the same type of problem, and he said all he did was delete the name of the COS. Had anyone experienced this?

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