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Thread: printing-down of mail on other domain

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    Default printing-down of mail on other domain

    how to copy all mail on the box of other domain?? zimbra sends mail bluntly, it has the domain of zimbra.domain, there is a corporate domain of (led on google), it is needed to copy outgoing and entering mail on the box of admin@zimbra.domain. Are there ideas??? p.s. always_bcc and recipient_maps_bcc does not work p.p.s beg pardon for my English)

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    If you mean copy all mail sent to and from one of the accounts on the Zimbra server then you can enter a hidden forwarding address under Accounts -> Account Name -> Forwarding tab -> "Forwarding addresses hidden from the user:"
    If you mean to have a copy of all mail sent to or from the other domains account a bcc field is probably your only option since it is hosted on Google.

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    Thank you Understood, it is needed it was in recipient_bbc_maps to put at the beginning konfiga,vse is copied on postmaster.... But another question!!!! For me free version of Zimbra and in statistics of graphic arts represented, but write-information is not yet accessible, from for it I can not from the web server of interface look what letters otpravliny were, there is not control after letters

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