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Thread: GAL dropdown in STANDARD View

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    Default GAL dropdown in STANDARD View

    I recently converted to 6.x and I have a lot of users that use the STANDARD view (html). When you compose a new email and start typing the address in the TO block. The names start to appear...Then when you use a mouse to select one...the dropdown disappears and no selection is made. If you use the keyboard and arrow up/down to make a selection and press enter...the selection is made. This work correctly in 5.0.18.

    Also, the names is the drop down are in reverser alphabetical order under STANDARD view and in ascending order in the ADVANCED view.

    Please advise...

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    Bug 41118 - HTML client: compose autocomplete dropdown disappears on selection

    Could you provide pics of the 2nd or some example with corresponding display names to provision?

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