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Thread: No response on too big attachments

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    Question No response on too big attachments

    Good day,

    Our zimbra has encountered problem with big attachments. When the sender from outside (e.x., and etc.) is sending a mail which is too big than limit is set on our zimbra server (10MB) message is lost.

    Sender doesnt receive any notification that mail is too big.
    On server there is no log about message which is too big.

    Waiting for suggestions

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    What version of Zimbra are you using? We are using 6.0 Foss and we've tried reproducing your error. Everytime we send a file from Gmail that is to big we always recieve a bounce alert back to our Gmail address. Do you have NDR disabled? Have you tried sending an attachement yourself from Gmail to verify if a bounceback message comes back?
    Chris Priamos
    Olympic Global Technologies

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    ZCS 5.0.16 20090429055651 debian built

    Yes i have tried by myself to send from outside to our server.
    I haven't touched any NDR parameters. How to check if it is enabled on server ? As I understand it should be on by default.

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