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Thread: Are you using IM Instant Messaging - Questions of scale

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    Default Are you using IM Instant Messaging - Questions of scale

    Do you see any server side performance hit?
    How many users do you have?
    Are you using the webUI?
    How many users have 'Instant Notification' enabled?

    We have immediate need to provide an enterprise IM solution. Turning on this beta feture would be our preferred choice.

    But... The web client is not usable. 'Instant Notification' 'enabled' is only faster than 'Instant Notification' 'disabled'

    Pidgin seems slick and it is instant. Still unknown what performance hit to expect. Pidgin requires configuration per user, the webUI does not...

    Plus you can not search the forum for 'IM'

    We have 3000 users across 2 servers. 2ghz quad core with 8GB RAM

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    We've got 3,334 users all using webui for about the last 12 months and instant messaging is enabled for a third of those users in the web ui. I can say for sure that IM isn't taxing the server that much, but hadn't given that much thought to the ZWC's Instant Messaging client possibly making clients slow. In 5.0 the UI was a bit awkward and is somewhat improved in 6.

    It works well enough for me, but I would prefer a real Jabber client to be used, because we're not all in the ZWC all of the time -- and this is besides any possible performance issues, you know? Just a preference.

    I'd actually like to find a way to configure pidgin via windows group policy, so people have to be logged in.

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